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Consent to load Recaptcha and process data

In order to enable you to self-register for our newsletter, we use the tool Brevo. To ensure the security of our website and protect ourselves against automated entries (attacks), the tool uses the Google service reCaptcha. By clicking on the button below, the registration form will be loaded. When loading the form, the website loads the reCaptcha service and the following data is processed: IP address of the device used, the website you are visiting with us and on which the Captcha is integrated, the date and duration of the visit, the recognition data of the browser and operating system type used, Google account if you are logged in to Google, mouse movements on the reCaptcha areas, as well as tasks where you have to identify images.
If you agree to the loading of the registration form and the associated data processing, please click on the button below.
If you do not wish to do so, you can manually register for the newsletter by sending us an email to
You can find further information on data processing in our Privacy Policy.